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The work process


Our work process always starts with a lot of questions. What kind of a place does the owner envision? What flavors, associations and vibe are we aiming for?
The start-up is crucial – this is when the story of the place gets its shape. For this we often do a workshop with the client, to learn about the visions. It results in a handful of keywords that follow us during the whole process like guiding stars.


Drawing, sketching, thinking, pulling our hair. Sketching again!
Here the light solution is our platform. All starts with the light. Its ambiance, its effect on the room. The rest follows: choice of materials, colors, technical solutions.


Uniqe spaces requires unique designs.
We often design one-offs for a specific room.
It could be a book shelf, a table, a kid bed with built in slide.
The S table, The sofa Leaf and the table NM24 are all designed and produced because there was nothing on the market that met the needs.


We have a great network of carpenters, electricians, plummers, plasterers etc. that we are more than happy to bring into the project.
We have worked in many projects together and know that they deliver what they promise.

For more information, please have a look at our projects.